Post Surgery Day # 3

Posted: February 18, 2006 in Uncategorized
Well, the diagnostic laproscopy went well according to Dr. S. The cyst that everyone was so concerned about was reabsorbed. Everything looks wonderful from the inside. I woke up, however, screaming and writhing in pain. After the morphein and dilaudid, they send me home. I left like something was stabbing me in the lower gut. To top that pain off, all of the excess gas that they couldn’t remove, has ended up in my shoulders and neck. I have been in more pain the last few days that I can ever remember being in.
They took some nice pictures and on Wednesday, I will actually be told what I am looking at. Mom came down to help out for a few days and for that I am extremely greatful. Not that hubby isn’t great at taking care of me, but the whole sergeant shouting orders at me thing just isn’t very therapeutic all the time.
So I recover….

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