Posted: June 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

came home from work sick yesterday. felth like death warmed over. once again, nature has left it’s cruel mark and we are not pregnant. just got off the phone with the RE. we are going to try a round of clomid this month to rey to save some money. the bravelle is so damn expensive and if we are forced to go the IVF route, we are going to need every dime. so, bloods and another ultrasound in the morning. little vampires. it is a wonder that I am not anemic.

i just feel broken right now. i have undergone every diagnostic procedure and they tell me that everything is fine and yet, here we are 9 months later when i thought that i would be having a baby and we are still stuck in the stirrups. everyone around me (directly or indirectly) are managing to get pregnant and i am getting really afraid that this is really never going to happen for us. maybe i am in that percentage that medical science and technology just can’t help.

then what?

Hubby is trying to be supportive but things at work couldn’t be worse for him right now.

managed to get out and get some grocery shopping done, what a feeling of accomplishment.

  1. Fred Hagglund says:

    Mom and I love you very much! it is July 9th and Brendan and Paige are with us till thursday – and on top of that, I pick up Mother at Bradley at 10:30pm…..Don’t worry, the guest room is still yours!

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