Cold and Icy

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, our much anticipated and hyped Winter Storm is winding down. It was quite the adventure getting home from work last night. There is a solid sheet of ice on parked cars and it has been snowing / sleeting/ freezing rain since lunch time yesterday. The doggies can’t remember where the grass is and have decided to start doing their business as soon as they get outside.

Working on cleaning up the guest room / future nursery for when Mom comes down to stay after the embryo transplant. I’m doing laundry & look like hell. I don’t think that we will be travelling far from home this evening for our Valentine’s Dinner. I guess a quiet picnic in the living room would be nice too.

I am not sleeping well. The last 2 weeks or so have been pretty stressful at work and with the baby stuff, my mind is constantly racing. I’ve downloaded some relaxation music on to the old ipod to listen too as I am attempting to fall asleep. The ear buds really hurt when you sleep on your side.

Called Super RE’s billing office and paid for everything but the anesthesia for the egg retrieval. I will go in for blood and ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully they road crews will have everything cleared and traffic won’t be too bad in the morning. I really don’t feel much like going off into a ditch because someone didn’t bother to clean off the top of their minivan.

Dad is on his way to Pittsburgh in the midst off all of this weather for some reason….no thanks, not this little grey duck!!! I’ll stay in my nice cozy house, with my nice cozy dogs, doing my nice cozy laundry waiting for my nice cozy hubby to get home from work.


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