Day # 6

Posted: February 18, 2007 in antral follicles, blood work, Bravelle, centrotide, IVF, ultrasound

Well, the trip over to NJ was uneventful. I only had to wait about 5 minutes to have my blood drawn. I took my seat in the very busy waiting room after signing in for my ultrasound.

I have one decent sized follicle on the right, which is a 14 (not sure what the actual unit of measure is) and a bunch of smaller ones. One the left, i have a 12 and two 10’s, and again a bunch of smaller ones. I feel pretty encouraged. I come home and putter around the house for a while.

I get the call from the nursed to review my blood work. I am told that my blood work doesn’t match my follicle sizes and I am to increase the Bravelle to 3 units on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Also, I am to start Centrotide (to inhibit ovulation) on Monday and have more bloods and another ultrasound done Monday morning.

So, 3 cc’s of Bravelle kind of hurt last night. I am using a 30 gauge needle, which is much better than using a 22 like the other doctor had me doing. No bruising as of yet, but I am sure it will show up, it always does.

I am trying to remain calm for all of this. During a normal cycle, I ovulate on days 14-18. This is only day 6 and everything seems to be happening fast. I know that it is a side effect of stimulation.

So, another day until I get to see what is happening in Ovaryland.

Blood work results from 2/17 are as follows:
Estraidol: 88
Progesterone: 0.6
LH : 2
FSH: 5


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