Embryology Update day #2, 1 day before transfer

Posted: March 23, 2007 in embryo, fertilization, Fertilized eggs, IVF, transfer

Spoke to our lovely embryologist just a few minutes ago. I am starting to love phone calls from super RE’s office.

They froze 5 of our 11 embryos.

Of the 6 they have left out we have the following:
2 that have divided into a 2 celled
1 that has divided into a 3 celled
3 that have divided into a 4 celled
(see picture above)

We will have our transfer at 12:30 pm tomorrow.

I apologized to the embryologist for the scream yesterday and she totally understood. I remembered to ask her what the deal was with the ones that did not make it. She explained that:
1 of them only had one nucleus
1 of them had 3 nucleus

these were considered abnormal and therefore discarded.

2 of them were atritic (which means they died)
1 of them never matured.

It is some kind of closure anyway.

We are overjoyed and praying that everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

So here we go……….


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