9 weeks and 2 days

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

We had our 9 week and 2 day scan this afternoon. The babies are measuring 22mm long. They are the same size. The heart rates are 168 and 182. The are a little concerned about baby b since the sack that he/she is in doesn’t seem to be growing very fast. There may be a leak so they have put me on antibiotics for the next 10 days (as if I was not sick enough, I get to take the antibiotic 4 times a day).

I also have a hematoma (bruise) in my uterus. They are not sure why or how it happened, but they are watching it closely. I guess it is pretty normal in twin pregnancy and can be caused because everything is stretching and is very crowded right now.

So, we are happy because we got to see the little ones moving around. The one on the left is nuts. It was almost like he/she knew we were watching…. The one on the right was a little shy, but was moving his/her legs.

I can’t help but be happy and terrified at the same time. Having had a miscarriage in the past, I appreciate and respect how frail these little lives are and just pray that the sack gets bigger and there is not a leak.

  1. Becks says:

    I pray that all is ok too. It must be so nice to see them on the screen, try to stay positive, I’m sending loads of good positive vibes to you and your two.

  2. singletracey says:

    I will think all good thoughts for you and babies! Hopefully the antiobiotics don’t make you to sick.

  3. Knock Me Up says:

    They look really great to me. I hope that all will be well with the sack. Curious to know how one gets a bruise in the uterus. Weird. Take care and keep us updated.

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