Frustrating Week (Warning…R A N T)

Posted: June 30, 2007 in Uncategorized
So, let’s just recap this week:
Found out that we are at an elevated risk on our quad screen (1:171). I wasn’t expecting that and am still starting to deal with the possibilities of the big what if. Not that it matters…the genetic counseling that I should have had 5 weeks ago (that I am still waiting for), would not make a difference. We would not be able to terminate after 16 weeks (not that we would) even if it was some horrific genetic anomaly. Please see below….
(my rant……please excuse me, but I have to get this out or I am seriously going to lose it)
Had ultrasound yesterday. Appointment was for 1PM.
We arrived early, only to have to tolerate the world’s fussiest two year old in the waiting room. Yes, that is adorable, let’s let you son flick the lights on and off and laugh about it while the pregnant woman five feet from him contemplates his demise. Let me just say….my children WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT act like that in public. Mashing bananas into the seat cushions is not cute, nor endearing. Despite arriving earlier than the little monster’s mommy, she was seen before me. Mind you, I am to have a full bladder for these “monthly growth scans”.
Finally, we are taken back and it must have been my lucky day. I got a student. Yes, a student. Maybe 22 years old, at the most. How nice. Last time, I wasn’t seen by the Doctor because he was “too busy” and the idiot at the front desk neglected to put genetic counseling on the schedule. This time, I get someone who is not even completed their training.
“these are the leg bones” she says
duh…can you say femur- I quietly think to myself
“these are the arm bones” she says
again, humerus, radius, ulna…we are going to measure their length-
I wonder what kind of anatomy they teach at her school. Sorry. I was a premed major and took years of anatomy and physiology and would expect that in a professional office, we would call things by their true names.
This place is a total joke. So after 50+ minutes, I finally have to empty my bladder. I come back in the room and there is another tech there. She takes over the ultrasound. I inquire again about determining the sexes…”well, it is too early” (Bullsh*t)….” and I don’t like to make guesses”. “We should be able to tell you when you come back next month”. Oh heck no….we are not coming back. I am going to have the remainder of the scans done at another facility for fear that I will actually go off on these people.
Incidentally, I had to tell them that we had a positive quad screen and the student looked at me as if I had a third arm growing out of the middle of my forehead. “Duh, what’s that”?
Ok….I have been through two years in infertility, prior to that I had an unexplained miscarriage in 1999, and I am carrying twins. Ummm hello anyone……
H I G H – R I S K
…please at least act like you have reviewed my chart.
So, needless to say, we are done there. We will take ou chances somewhere else. I am beyond frustrated. I don’t wholly understand the whole quad screen thing and have tons of questions that no one seems willing or able to take the time to answer.
I am just trying to stay calm. Pray for my little miracles (each weighing 5-6 oz). I am carrying a can of soda and feel like I am carrying a gallon of milk.
But aren’t my babies lovely?
  1. Mony says:

    Yes. They are completely lovely!
    Oh I am so frustrated for you! As if this isn’t hard enough….without the medical advice & support you need. It is a frightening thing to be placed in a High Risk category. You need as much info and reassurance as possible.

  2. Knock Me Up says:

    Yeah, talk about frustrating. I would have popped a blood vein. What will be your next steps regarding the high risk categorization? I’ll keep sending good thoughts to your babies to be healthy and happy. Take care of yourself.

  3. Portia P says:

    They do look lovely.

    I’m so sorry about your scan and high risk category. What can you do next?

    Thinking of you – take care and keep us posted xx

  4. Thalia says:

    my understanding is that the quad screen isn’t accurate for twins, did you discuss w your doctor?

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