Trip To Triage

Posted: July 11, 2007 in Uncategorized

Well, yesterday was a bit of an adventure. Monday afternoon, I started to have some pretty serious cramping and called the Dr. I was advised to push my fluid intake, take Tylenol for my slight fever and get on my left side. I can deal with a low tech approach and called hubby to let him know. He, of course, races home to care for me.

Tuesday, I get up. no fever, but cramping is still “significant”. I call Dr. again. The nurse, who I really like, tells me that I may need to go on a “trip” but that she will talk to him and call me back.

Three and a half hours later, I receive the call. Yes, The Dr wants you to go to triage to be checked out. I was honestly expecting and office visit, not a trip to the hospital. Did I mention the 96 degree heat here yesterday……

So, hubby again, races home and loads me into the Jeep and away we go. We arrived at 1:30pm and were told to go to the 4th floor where they would be expecting me. Mind you, the last trip to this hospital was an 8+ hour ordeal ofter our first embryo retrieval I am asked to give a sample, which I was more than happy to do and then get into bed.

The nurse came in, did a brief history, and put me on a monitor. Hubby finally got to hear the heat beats of his little ones. His face lit up despite the uncertainty of what was going on. We were then seen by a P.A. who was super nice and understanding about the fact that these babies were the result of nearly 2 years of fertility treatments and did her best to calm our fears.

She decided to ultrasound my belly and much to our surprise, baby “B” was kicking the living sh*t out of baby “A”. OH MY GOD!!!! Baby “A” is pointed down and “B” is pointed up and “B” was kicking “A” in the head and punching everything in sight. I guess this is normal but “A” did not seem to appreciate it very much. “B” is going to be just like Mommy!!! All of this activity is causing some spasm of the round ligaments and causing my cramping. Thank God it was not early contractions.

I asked the nice P.A. if she could tell the sexes of the babies. We are a pretty good idea what “B” is but “A” was sitting “Indian Style” and we couldn’t get a clear view. They are huge, by the way. It never fails to amaze me how fast they are growing. We were out of traige within 2 hours and I am to push my fluids and rest. I can do that.

We came home and I went to bed (or at least laying on the bed). The mayhem continued in my belly until after 11 pm when I think “B” tired out.

Today, I am off to the genetic counselor (finally) and will post again with whatever info they can provide about our elevated risk from the quad screen.

Keeping all of our fingers crossed for the girls “in the dugout” this week….

  1. Knock Me Up says:

    Whew, okay, crises averted. I’m so sorry you had to go through that but it turned out and that’s what counts. So happy to hear it wasn’t contractions. What a relief for you. V. nice that hubby got to hear them. It was probably a priceless moment. Take care.

  2. Mony says:

    Checking in on you and the twins.

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