The Ketchup Song

Posted: July 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

So, yesterday, hubby calls me from work and has decided that the suspense is killing him. He wants to know the sexes of the babies. Keep in mind that he has 3 daughters from his first marriage (all grown and all on their own), and the idea of 5 daughters made him want to set himself on fire and run down the street. At least, that is what he was telling everyone.

We are going to Connecticut this weekend to help celebrate my Grandmother’s 94th birthday. he thought that it would be nice if we had some updated Ultrasound images and hopefully found out the sexes. So, yesterday, I call WWAV (Womb With A View) and see if they have anything for this week. I know that 19 weeks is early for a 3D / 4D ultrasound, (the kids just don’t have enough fat to make it look really nice) so we opted for the 2D with the gender determination. So, I set up the appointment for today. He called me this morning and wanted to know if I was singing the Ketchup Song. (Anticipation-Carly Simon used a few years ago in a commercial). I just laughed. I was counting the hours……

Hubby came home from work early to pick me up and we drove to WWAV. What a super nice place with really super nice staff. They display all of the images on a big TV so that the Daddies can see without kinking their necks.

Our normally crazy-active Baby B was being pretty quiet upon first glance. And modest. Nothing like Mommy!!! Baby A was locking his legs together and being shy as well. We probed and probed and finally they got used to the idea that we were on a mission and no matter what they did, we were going to find out. By the way…..both of them were chewing on the umbilical cords….I never knew that, but clear as day, they were chewing away.

Their heart rates were both in the 140’s and their sacs are huge and “condo-like”. They both decided to let their guard down and we were able to see “baby junk”.

We are having one of each.
Baby A is a little boy
Baby B is a little girl.
Welcome Daniel Allen and Melissa Elaine!
Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be happier!
  1. Mony says:

    How wonderful! Wow! I’m thrilled for you all! What a miracle.

  2. Knock Me Up says:

    What nice news. I am so happy for you. Lovely names too.

  3. Chili says:

    Well thank goodness they don’t have toofers yet! 😉 I’m so glad they cooperated. Great names!

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