Almost 23 Weeks and needless to say…my back is killing me. I am all babies up front.

Posted: August 14, 2007 in baby movement, back pain, belly shot, twins

I have yet another ultrasound tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be uneventful and I can just lay there and enjoy seeing my babies.

Mom and Dad came down over the weekend to deliver the crib, dresser and dressing table. Grandma wants to buy us a second crib but there is really no rush on that. They are sharing me and can share a crib for a while after they are born.

I am feeling more and more tired. I discovered that I can no longer lay flat on my back without bending my knees up because it hurts my back too much. I am going to call tomorrow to see if htere is anything I can do besides taking tylenol (which does nothing, incidentally!). The pain is really something. Normally I can put up with most anything but this is starting to get to me.

Both babies are very active. I get kicks and punches several times daily, sometimes all night too. I hope they get their sleep cycles sorted out soon.

I was at the store yesterday and a slaes clerk asked me “how much longer?”. You should have seen her face when I told her 3 1/2 months….

My feet are starting to swell. I am starting to leak. My back hurts. Other than that…it is a fabulous pregnancy.

  1. singletracey says:

    Gosh… 23 weeks.. you look great!

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