The kids are being discharged

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Uncategorized

from the special care nursery tomorrow. Melissa “failed” her car seat test (the nurses monitor them for 90 minutes looking for apnic episodes or bradycardia) and will now require a car seat bed to come home. Thank you AMH for ripping us off for another $80.00.

The kids are eating great and putting on weight like champs. We are really excited to finally have them home and all to ourselves. We are more delighted that our least favorite nurse is not taking care of them today. I am sure that she means well, but constantly reminding us that we have to keep the babies warm when we get them home has gotten to be a bit much. If the nurses would leave the temperature alone in the nursery, maybe the kids wouldn’t need a onsie, a romper, three blankets and a hat to stay warm. They seem to do fine during the day, it is only at night that they seem to get cold….(they take axillary temps which are notoriously unreliable). She also keeps reminding us that we need to make sure that the bottles are warm. Really? I was just going to chip some blocks off the frozen Brest milk and offer it to the babies. DUH woman!!! She has the most condescending tone you have ever heard. It is not like we are 16 year old kids, or some low income family that can’t afford our heating bill. Argghhhh…..

Oh, and the only time that either baby has had any “issues” with their breathing / heart rate/ etc is when this nurse is working. Hubby would like her head on a stick for a Christmas present. On the whole, the entire NICU / Continuing Care Nursery staff has been great. We did have the nursing student who couldn’t figure out how to put the diapers on but I understand that there is a learning curve.

So, I am off once again, for one of my last trips to the hospital hopefully for a while, to feed and hold my little babies. I just want them home. Everything is ready. We even did the apnea monitor training last night.

24 hours and counting…………..


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