Tuesday, yawn………..

Posted: March 11, 2008 in funny, holding hands, life with twins, RSV, sleeping, Synagist

They were holding hands…but Mommy couldn’t get the camera fast enough. Not the best night we have had. Daniel decided to be a night owl. Then her decided that he wanted to get up at 1:45 this morning. At 3:45 am, Melissa decided that she was hungry and must have told Daniel that “he was hungry” too. So, Mommy is a little sleep deprived this morning. Daddy said that Mommy should try to get some sleep, but the laundry doesn’t do itself.

We also will be venturing out to the pediatrician today for another Synagist vaccine (RSV). Oh joy! Can you say “premedicate the kids with Tylenol”? They just just be a barrel of fun tonight…

Daddy is going to leave work a few minutes early and meet us over at the doctor’s office to help me. I am very happy about that. They can be a bit of a handful.

First of all, it is $70 each and every time that we go there, whether we see the doctor or not. I don’t get that. If it is a visit just for a vaccine and we don’t actually get seen by Dr. Sue, then there should be some kind of a discount as far as I am concerned.

Then we get to fully undress the kids to get their weights. Daniel is always nice enough to have a present waiting for the nurse…hahahahahahahahaha. Then we get to wait for the nurses to come in and stab the kids in the thigh. then the screaming, drooling and most times, spit up. Then, we get to load them back into the car seats and take them home. It’s not as bad as when they have to get their regular vaccines, but still a challenge.

  1. sara says:

    I can’t wait to meet them….

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