but I decided to try to make my own baby food. I had this revelation that maybe we could save some money if we made it ourselves. Not that I can’t afford $.96 a jar at walmart, but most of that cost is for packaging. I went to this site and got some nifty recipes. I had some bananas that I bought on Tuesday that I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to eat before we left to go visit Mom and Dad and so I plopped them in the blender with some of my milk and made banana puree. the kids will be having that for lunch…If that goes well, then we will move on and try some of the carrot puree I made and froze in an ice cube tray. I am considering purchasing a kidco baby food mill, but if our trusty blender works, why bother?
I called the hubby at work and asked how he felt about “homemade” baby food and the response I got was “no”. No explanation, just “no”. I don’t get that. It is the same food we eat minus preservatives that I know that Gerber and Beechnut add. He finally relented.
On anther note:
I really believe that Miss Melissa is going through a period of separation anxiety. She has gotten me up in the middle of the night every night since we put her in the new crib. She doesn’t just want her binky, she wants human contact. She holds on to my finger until she drifts back to sleep. I think she misses feeling Daniel next to her. I mean, I understand. Other than the time they were separated in the NICU, he has always been right there next to her. Even when he is kicking the crap out of her, it is still contact.
She was watching him very intently yesterday during the baby Einstein DVD viewing and when he fell asleep, she looked over at him and decided to take a nap too. When he got up, she got up. It is all very cute, but Mommy is concerned nonetheless.
And on another note:
We have three dogs. Jake is 8 1/2 years old and is the best behaved dog in the world. He is his Daddy’s best friend. As of late, I think he is feeling neglected. He has managed to dig through the diaper bag removing everything including the bottom liner piece. And just this morning, I heard a strange little noise and Jake had decided to go in to the breast pump bag and remove a spare piece and start to chew on it. Not sure what we are going to do about that…
I’ve got a big day ahead. I have to pack for our trip tomorrow. I have to finish laundry. I have to finish writing out mileage logs for our 2007 taxes since our tax girl is stopping y tomorrow to pick up our paperwork. I have to pump, shower and be at the firehouse by 4 pm. This should be interesting………..
  1. sara says:

    I think that homemade baby food sounds lovely. But I’m a little crunchy like that…

    Glad everyone’s doing well!

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