Poster for March for Babies

Posted: April 21, 2008 in blessed with twins, double strollers, march for babies, walking

One of the things that the March of Dimes has asked all walkers to do is to make a poster with their babies’ stories. Well, I am not the most crafty person, but I gave it a shot….

I personally like the tribute to Mastercard….priceless.

Oh, the new stroller arrived today and BARELY fits in the back of the camry. Oh, and did I mention that the stroller weighs 47 friggin pounds……

My chiropractor is going to make a mint off of me.

It is cooler here today otherwise I would have taken the babies for a walk. i will definitely do it tomorrow….. I took them on Saturday and thought I would die. The babytrend stroller with the carseats is like steering a barge. I was wiped out…

But we did end up going on our date Saturday night, and of course, I got happy and overdid it. Dean was nice enough to wake me up by bringing me 4 ibuprofen and a bottle of water. Apparently, your tolerance for alcohol changes after a year of not drinking…..

  1. Piccinigirl says:

    love the poster!!! You did a great job.

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