Posted: May 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am not sure what was going on with the kids last night.
We were literally up with them every hour.
I am beyond exhausted and I know that today will be a challenge for hubby too.

Maybe it is the “4 month sleep regression” but even with their adjusted age, they should be passed that. Maybe it is because they are teething. Maybes it is because Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma were here last night. I don’t know. We even resorted to our old trick of adding rice cereal to their bottles in the hopes of having them sleep through the night. It seems like it has been more than a month, and it probably has, since I got 8 hours sleep. Even Mother’s Day…Hubby got up with the kids in the night, but he doesn’t have “Mommy Hearing”. I can hear them from everywhere. And in the rare event that I am trying to catch a nap, I immediately wake up. So, when I heard the kids, I woke him up and he got up with them. But, I was still awake.

I think I may be losing it. I am snapping at things that would normally roll right off of my back. I am snapping at Hubby, ALOT! I am going to suffer through today and try to keep the kids up as long as possible so maybe tonight we can all get some sleep.

  1. Gemini Girl says:

    Oy- Im sorry about the lack of sleep. I get it.
    They may be teething- and so this too shall pass. Maybe you shoudl try orajel, or giving them ice cold bottles before bed. It usually calms the inflammation. good luck!

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