3 year Anniversary

Posted: May 22, 2008 in blessed with twins, vows, wedding vows

Three years ago today, I married my best friend in the whole wide world.
I can’t believe how much our lives have changed. I saved the two pieces of paper that we wrote our vows on and last year for our anniversary, my Uncle, who married us, sent us them back. So, here they are……

Our Vows:
I, Kari Lynn, take you , dean Allen, as my husband, my soul mate and the love of my life.

We have already been through a lot together, and I believe that God has been preparing us for this moment and our future together.

Though life may not always be as perfect as this day, I vow to stand beside you. When you need someone to encourage you, I want it to be me. When you need a helping hand, i want it to be mine. When you long for someone to smile as and laugh with, turn to me.

I promise to love you in all your laughter and tears, your comfort and fears, your sickness and health in poverty and wealth.

I know that our love is heaven-sent and I promise to always honor my promise to you, I will be your best friend, your partner and your love, all the days of our lives, come what may.

I, Dean Allen, take you, Kari Lynn to be my wife, my partner and my soul mate.

I want to share my life with you. Together, our love will grow into a bond too strong to break and I know that we will share this amazing gift from God with the world.

I will be here to listen to you, laugh with you and to hold you through the good time and the bad, I want you to always know that I will be by your side.

I pledge my love to you. I will have faith in you and encourage you in all your endeavours. I will work with you as we build our new life together and strive to make every day as special as today.

I will be your best friend, your partner and your love, all the days of our lives, come what may.

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