Memorial Day Weekend

Posted: May 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, what a weekend!!!

We were a busy bunch this weekend.

It started Thursday with our anniversary. Hubby took the day off and we worked around the house and yard. We went to dinner and our very good friends watched the kids. We then went over to another friends house and visited for a while. The kids sort of behaved and weren’t too terrible when they got home considering the teething….and my throat was starting to hurt.

Friday was running around and prepping for our cookout which was on Saturday. We finished cleaning the house and the yard and setting up tables and chairs. And my throat was getting really sore and I was sneezing…

Saturday, we had about 35 people over…yes…35…I must be out of my mind……but we had a great time and the kids got some “face” time with everyone. It went a lot better than I though it would. I will post pictures….when the kids give me a minute….

And then it hit me. I knew it was going to…and it did…and hit me hard. A DREADED COLD…

Sunday, I was MISERABLE!!!!!!!!! Coughing, hacking, sneezing, stuffy, runny, you name it!!!! I was a mess. Daniel has a little bit of it and I am sure the Melissa will end up with it as well. Joy! Teething and a cold…. a double whammy!!!

Monday, we were still recovering from the entire ordeal on Saturday. The weather was just beautiful all weekend. Today, it is raining and not so nice, but that is okay since my only assigned “to do” is laundry…….

So, we survived our first Memorial Day cookout with the kids. Hubby is back to work and I am back to my routine….


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