We are 8 Months Old and She Got A Tooth!!!!

Posted: June 16, 2008 in blessed with twins, Father's Day, swimming, teething, toofers, twins

Yes, it has been 8 months. I don’t know where the time has gone. It seems like it was yesterday when we brought home two tiny little bundles and thought that it would be soooo easy. Boy, were we wrong. Thousands of diaper changes and bottles, hundreds of loads of laundry, hundreds of hours of lost sleep, dozens of bottles of mylicon and tylenol and a surgery later… we know better. They are just changing so much every day. And they are huge! I just tell people that they are good eaters…which they are. They are both in to 12 month clothes, although they will fit in some 9 months stuff. They are both rolling over and over and over. They are both very chatty… lots of ba ba ba ba ba mmmmmm and giggles.

Well, we had a nice weekend around here. Saturday afternoon, we went over to some friends’ house and the kids went in the pool with Auntie Jo and Mommy. They really enjoyed it. We had to leave a little early to beat the thunderstorm but had a nice time nonetheless.

Sunday, (Father’s Day) Hubby slept in until noon. I am not as good at making breakfast as he is, so I decided that in order to not torture the poor man, I would have him sleep in in lieu of the normal “breakfast in bed”. After he got up, he went out and did his favorite thing: work in the yard. It was a really nice day, not too humid. He got a lot done and we decided that we would cook out. We had a nice supper and Uncle Keith and Auntie Jo stopped over.
After everything started to settle down, Dean asked me to look in Melissa’s mouth. Guess who is in the process of cutting her first tooth…. Yup! My little girl monster had a “toofer” popping through on the bottom. I tried to take a picture, but she is a wiggle worm…..
It was just nice that she did it on Father’s Day and he was the one who found it…but if you would have told me that she would cut a tooth before Daniel, I never would have believed you. He has been teething like C R A Z Y!!!!!! He is constantly drooling and chewing and gnawing…. but the little man is sleeping all night…. Now, if we can just get Miss Melissa to cooperate….
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kari! I knew I could track you down! I was thinking of you and your brood! Hang in there sweetie…some days I feel overwhelmed and like I’ve lost my mind and my kiddos are 21 and 16…yes, years…not months!!!

    Are you up for a visit from Aunties Julie and Janet?? We’re off for the summer! Let me know!
    p.s. our pets have been neglected in your absence. in a word…OVER DUE!!!

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