The Return to Kohls

Posted: June 24, 2008 in blessed with twins, cute twins, homemade baby food, shopping

and the kids were great. Yeah, believe it or not, I had to return 2 or 3 things that I didn’t have a chance to try on.

I did some more shopping and just like yesterday, they freaked in the dressing room. I was smart today… I brought bottles and bottle genies with me.

HAHAHAHA on you, kiddie poos! You might have won the battle yesterday, but Mommy won the war today.

Oh, and we got our “stimulus check” in the mail today. Man, would that have come in handy when I was buying my meds and going through all the IUI’s and both IVF cycles.

I also finally broke down and put tomatoes on my sandwich. I am the biggest fan of Roma tomatoes and have been seriously jonesing for them. Hey, I had salmonella poisoning once (chicken soft taco from taco bell in 92…and it nearly killed me), if I get it again, at least I’ll get some sleep…..


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