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Kind of a strange question, but maybe you know.

The hubby and I are going away for a weekend and my parents will be watching our 8 1/2 month old twins on the other side of the state (we live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and will be in the Pocono Mountains and my parents live an hour north of Pittsburgh). I was going to copy the insurance card for the kids (just in case, God forbid, something happens), but do you have any idea if I need to have any kids of documentation allowing my parents to make medical decisions for the kids in the even that we are unable to be reached. Cell serivce is touch and go in the mountains. The hubby is very concerned as this will be the first time the kids are away from us.

Should we just write a general letter and get it notarized?

What do you think?


  1. singletracey says:

    Hi there! I am glad you posted a comment.. Now I can put you on my blogroll again!

    I know for my family, my sister has given me a copy of the med ID cards and a notorized letter (no date) that simply says.. Tracey XXX, my sister, has permission to authorize any care deemed necessary (blah blah) for Ava and then another for Ryan.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Kathy V says:

    I don’t know for sure but I think it is a good idea to have a letter authorizing your parents to make medical decision on your behalf in case of an emergency. Probably one for each as somebody else suggested. Do include a copy of the insurance cards. It might not be a bad idea to include a paper with a simple health history with any known allergies also. Even though your parents know the health history, it might be beneficial just in case. it probably also wouldn’t hurt to include the regular pediatrician name and phone number as well. While pediatricians don’t always have weekend hours, sometimes, other doctors can get through in an emergency.

    I hope that helps.

  3. Keeping The Faith says:

    I would call your doctor or local hospital and ask how situations like these should be handled. They would be the people to know. I would think a notarized letter should be sufficient.

    Enjoy your weekend! Can I come…carry your bags or some such thing. Gawd I could use a day or two off 🙂

  4. familyoftwo98 says:

    I work for a pediatric hospital, so while I don’t have munchkins of my own I can answer this question!

    You do need to ahve a letter written. BE SPECIFIC in what your care takers are allowed to authorize. Include phone numbers where you can be reached in the letter. The doctors (GOD FORBID) may still need to speak to you.

    You can do a blanket letter that sets to expire on X date, or you can date it just for the dates that you plan to be gone, though I suggest increasing it by a day or two incase you would be stuck.

    Have the letter notorized, and you will be all set. Oh, and yes you will need a letter for both children.

  5. Kirsten says:

    Glad to have found your blog; thanks for the comment on mine!
    I actually just dealt with this situation with our recent trip. I gave my mom a copy of the girls’ insurance card but didn’t give any written permission for medical treatment.
    My mom’s fiance is a lawyer and he said that it is really up to the parents. Treatment *should* be given in an emergency situation, written permission or not.
    Also, right before we left Chayse had a little bump under her arm so I called the doctor and they told me if it got worse while we were gone just to have my mom bring her in and they wouldn’t need anything written from me to see her.
    So, not a necessity but if it makes or hubby feel better then definitely do!

  6. j says:

    Your doctor may also be able to provide you with a form that will work for their office, and also in general for your area. That is what I did so that my wife, who unfortunately can’t legally adopt our children, would be able to authorize medical treatment when she travels with our kid (I gave birth). I basically fill the form out every year, authorized for a year (I worry they won’t take it seriously if I authorize it for 18 years!), and we keep it in the diaper bag in between trips just in case.

  7. sara says:

    I think a letter with the dates that you’ll be out of town and your parents names and address should be fine. Make sure both of you sign it. That’s what the family I nannied for did when they were out of town and I stayed with the kids…

  8. Pillarr1 says:

    I am an attorney and I use online sites to get lots of forms. You should do a Medical Care of Child Power of Attorney. Go to to download the form. Once there, click on “power of attorney” then “forms” then “pennsylvania.” The forms is called “Medical Care of Child Power of Attorney (by both parents). It is $9.99. You have to have it notarized and signed by two witnesses. It is a good idea to have it on hand for future use too. Give your parents their insurance cards and a copy of their birth certificates. I also would give them a copy of your license or other i.d. Hope this helps.

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