10 Months Old and the famous “Daniel Cracking Up” Video Link

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

at 12:41 and 12:42 pm today, we the Multiple Miracles, being of crazy minds and chubby bodies will be 10 months old.

We will be celebrating by meeting Daddy at Walmart to do some much needed shopping. (Mommy’s idea)

Later this afternoon, Daddy has agreed to go to the park, so that we can play. (Again, Mommy’s idea)

Until then, we will talk to each other (in twinspeak, of course) and continue to plan our take over of the world.

~Daniel and Melissa~

Oh…Daniel is funny…check out his video….


  1. xavier2001 says:

    Hey I didn’t realize you moved, that’s why my feed wasn’t getting updated!!

    Glad the EA went well (or is over at least) and hugs that you are feeling so stressed and overwhelmed. Being a SAHM is hard hard hard work, I work part time and I feel like sometimes it’s my only sanity. I never thought going to work would be my ‘break’.

    Headed over to check out the video now!!!

  2. geminigirl64 says:


    I think it’s all about routine when it comes to twins. We started when they were fairly small- around 4-5 months. We usually feed them a solid around 6:00pm then bathe them. Sometimes if they dont seem too tired, we will let them jump in their jumparoo’s for a while, or we’ll play with them on the floor. But by 7pm we close the lights in their nursery, leave a night light on- and give them their bottles. We dont speak so that they know it’s night time. They usually finish their bottles and we put them to bed. Sometimes it’s easy- others not. Usually Neve will cry from the moment her head hits the crib. We let her cry it out. We will go in every 5-10 minutes or so until she falls asleep. We dont pick her up at all.

    If they wake at night- try to let them cry it out. If after 20 minutes they are still crying go in and give them something to drink. They dont really need to be eating at night at this point.

    let me know how it works out!

  3. Kirsten says:

    The video is SO cute!! I was laughing out loud right along with him : ) There is nothing quite like the sound of a baby laugh.
    Glad the procedure went well and that the kiddos had a good 10-month birthday! Wal-Mart has some of the best baby clothes…I love the George PJ’s.

  4. silver says:

    Happy 10 months!

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