The last three nights haven’t been too bad.  The kids woke up once and that was it.  Then last night was back to the crazies.  Three separate wake ups.  Maybe it was because of all the excitement yesterday, I don’t know.  I do know that they only got one short nap yesterday and they had bags under their eyes when we put them to bed at 7 last night.

They seem to be in a good mood today.  It is a little chilly out this morning so they are in long pants for the first time in a long time.  Daniel is in 18 month and Melissa is in 12 month.  When my Mom visited last week, we did some shopping at 2nd ave, which is a gigantic thrift store.  All infant and toddler clothes were BOGO free.  We made out like bandits.  It might be tacky to use 2nd hand clothes, but they are growing so fast, I just can’t see spending $20 or $30 on an outfit they will only wear once.  They have all kinds of stuff there (Baby Gap, OshKosh, etc) and the stuff we got was really nice.  I am a thrifty princess…I shop there for a lot of my stuff too.  I’ve gotten Ann Taylor, Gap, Old Navy, Hollister, American Eagle, oh yeah…and a Prada bag.  No, not an imitation, inspired by, knock off Prada…a real Prada, baby!!!!

Daniel is in the jumper and Melissa is in the excersaucer.  They are both “playing” with the “goggies”.  They can say “Dada”, but dogs are “gogs”.  It is really cute.  Daniel was doing a bunch of “whoh”s this morning while Melissa was doing her “mamamamamama” thena bug sigh.  It is so funny.

They are both in serious teething mode.  Those top teeth are working on breaking through.  Do I have the only kids that hate orajel?

In other news, I have my follow up appointment at the OB/GYN office on Friday.  Not sure if they will be placing the mirena then or not.  I sure hope so.  I just want to move on with my life already….  I feel like having a ceremonial bonfire of all my girly products. 

I am having a serious craving for pancakes….I think I will make some and see if the kids are little carb-aholics too….

  1. Helene says:

    2nd hand clothing tacky?! No way!! Not in my book, esp when you have twins (which costs twice as much to clothe them). They grow so fast and I honestly shudder at the thought of spending more than $20 on an outfit that they’ll wear maybe 2-3 times and then be done with it. Glad to hear you got such a great deal with the new clothes! Yeah!!

    Sorry to hear about the girly problems. I’m in the same boat! My body has never been the same since having Garrett and Landon and I’m just ready to go in and ask my ob/gyn to remove my uterus and yell into the face of menopause “Bring it on, baby”!

    Love the new pics of the babies…I just wanna pinch their little cheeks! They are adorable!

  2. silver says:

    I am into second hand clothing, they just grow way to fast at this stage. Even if it’s second hand most of it is just barely worn anyway! 🙂

    Good luck on Friday

    We had pancakes for supper tonight… yummy!

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