And In Other News

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

We discovered that Miss Melissa has cut her third tooth.  Yuppers…two on the bottom and now one on top.  We are pretty happy.  She is not.  About 2 am, she went nuts.  I tried everything to get her to go back to sleep but the only thing that worked was to take her downstairs and lay her on top of me and wrap her in a blanket rubbing her back until she finally fell asleep at 3 am.  Not that Daniel was an angel last night…We put them to bed at 7 and he was great until about 8:30pm.  Our friend, C came over to visit.  He was doing his best to not think about the fact that his wife, B was in the hospital after having her lung tapped and getting ready to start chemo for her second experience with cancer.  Daniel had his meltdown and so we brought him back down stairs so he didn’t wake Melissa up.  I think that I will be losing my office sooner rather than later and the kids will have their own rooms.

My parents will be visiting next week and house hunting.  I am very happy and excited about it.  Plus, it is help with the kids…tee hee hee.

It is kind of uneventful around here at the moment……


  1. Helene says:

    Teething is one of the worst milestones for little ones, in my opinion. I’ve always found that this little cocktail worked wonders….an weight-appropriate dose of motrin or tylenol (I prefer Motrin b/c it’s stronger and lasts longer), Hyland’s teething tablets (LOVE those things and so do the little ones…I call it crack for babies) and some orajel on the gums. This little cocktail does the trick every single time!!

    That’s awesome that your parents are moving to town…it sounds like they’ll be a huge help to you with the kids!!

  2. silver says:

    Good luck with the babes, when we separated ours (briefly) they would holler at each other until we put them back together.

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