Monday Monday (sing it, folks!)

Posted: August 25, 2008 in blessed with twins, life with twins

Felling a lot more like myself and a heck of a lot less frustrated than yesterday.  Maybe it is because we are back on our little routine (during weekends…the routine is the first thing that goes out the window).  Maybe it is because Hubby is at work.  Maybe it is because I reminded Hubby to put the car seats back into my car so I can actually leave the house.  Maybe it is because DANIEL slept ALL NIGHT!!!  Without a BOTTLE!!!  Not so for Miss Melissa….she woke up at 3 am and took a bottle, but went right back to sleep.  I am very pleased with my little monsters.

We are going to try to get out and about for a while today.  I have some errands to run (including taking lunch to the Hubs, who forgot to make any last night…hmmm…that might be the vodka’s fault…not his).  I also have to run to a few places to put up fliers for a Comedy Night that the Fire Company is holding.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the kids are in a good mood.

Ok…so now there is a HCG diet .  Has anyone heard about this?  You eat 500 calories and take injections of HCG!!!!!!!!  So why did I get so heavy during IF treatments????  I felt brave this morning and stepped on the scale.  I could hardly believe that I have only gained 4 lbs since the kids came home.  Mind you, I haven’t been eating right at ALL.  My dinner last night was a cookies and cream sundae.  I must do better.  If I can get myself back to what I weighed in high school I will be so much happier….well, maybe.


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