Finally Friday

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, it has been a crazy couple of days here.  My parents found a house that they like and have made an offer.  It has almost everything that they were looking for, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the offer is accepted.  They headed home this morning.  I am trying to recover from the visit.  They came at the wrong time since I work on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  They spent Wednesday looking at houses.  Then came back to my place and I went to work.  On Thursday, we went to look at the house.  We all came back to my place and again, I went to work.  Both nights were busy and I didn’t get home until after 11pm.

Melissa has learned how to clap.  It is the cutest thing.  She does it all by herself.  We were eating lunch yesterday and she just started to clap.  She is talking more too.  Lots of “mama” and “buh buh” and “da da” and “goggies” which is Melissa’s word for doggies.  Daniel has stuck with the “mama” and “dada”.  Occasionally you get a “dat” which is his word for dog.  Melissa has also been teething big time.  The second top tooth is ready to break through.  So I will be expecting a few sleepless nights.

We are going to a party on Sunday.  It is a clambake.  Kind of weird for suburban Philadelphia…I always thought of a clam bake as a New England thing but it is always a good time.  We went last year and I discovered how much I loved steamed clams with drawn butter.  I ordered a whole bunch for this year.  Last year I was pregnant with the kids and it was hard to eat.  They were pressing on my stomach, so I could only eat a little at a time.  This year, screw the diet….

I can’t believe that the “summer” is over.  I hardly went in the pool, I hardly go a tan and now even some of the leaves are changing colors.  So much for global warming.

I was really glad to hear about the choice for VP that John McCain made.  She is pro-life.  She and her husband knew that they were having a chold with Down’s Syndrome.  She looks at her son and sees “perfection”.  That really moved me.  When we were told that there was a 1 in 171 chance that one or both of the babies were going to have some kind of genetic anomaly, we decided that to do an amniocentesis was out of the question.  We both felt that no matter what happened, nothing could make us love our children any less.  I also know a little too much about amnios and the risks to the fetus(es).

I finally got my camera back, only to have the lcd screen crack.  I have no luck at all.  I am just going tohave to live with it.  I am not paying another $250 to the repair shop….

I will post some pictures tomorrow…..

  1. Helene says:

    Melissa must look so sweet clapping her little hands! I remember being so thrilled when Garrett and Landon learned how to clap!

    Steamed clams with drawn butter? You have me drooling over here! Do me a favor and eat a handful for me, will ya??

    I haven’t had a chance to sit down and catch up on all the Presidential stuff…I’m glad to hear that McCain’s running mate is pro-life. I love her attitude about her son. When I was pregnant with Garrett and Landon, the dr’s told us that Garrett had a soft marker for Down’s syndrome and recommended we do an amnio to know for sure. We felt the same way you and your husband did. We would love him no matter what and considered him a gift from God, regardless of any disabilities he might have had.

  2. silver says:

    Awwww, clapping is so cute.

    Sorry to hear about the LCD screen on your camera.

    All we ever hear about in Canada is Obama, I haven’t heard much about McCain on the news…

    Take care

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