Wednesday Again…

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

So, we, the hubby, kids and I are off to meet the home inspector for Mom and Dad’s new house.  Hubby is taking a half day and should be here in a few minutes.

Daniel actually slept through the night.  Kinds shocked me since he was really fussy last night.  I told the Hubby that he needed a night out so I sent him out for a few beers.  Yes, I know he had a long weekend, a holiday weekend at that, and he probably drank a case of beer, but what the heck.  Well, about 90 minutes after he was out, the kids went nuts.  Not just the normal meltdown, a full on CRAZY meltdown.  I am so glad that I was home and not out shopping. 

So, I needed to hear a friendly voice and called the hubby.  He came home.  The kids perked up and were angels for him.  So, I check on dinner in the oven.  It’s ready and we all come back inside.  The kids start getting fussy until we picked them up.  As it turns out, the kids like stov.e top stuffing.  So then it was bath time.  I didn’t bother to clear the table.  My bad.  By the time we were done bathing the kids and getting them put down for bed, two of our doggies had helped themselves on to the dining room table and each had a pork chop and some stuffing.  Hubby was most displeased  with the doggies.

The hubby settles in and starts watching the RNC convention.  I decide that I can sneak a bath in.  So, I run the water, get undressed and get in.  He comes upstairs and wanted to know what I was doing.  Ummm, kind of obvious….  I guess that I am supposed to tell him everything I do….  He comes back with “what if the kids start fussing?”.  Well, I would think that he would come up the stairs to check on them regardless of if I’m in the tub or not.  That kind of set the tone for the rest of the evening. Grrrrrr………

So, he just called and is on his way home.  Super secret payback for being a pain last night….”Honey, will you stop at’ Donuts for me.  I really want a bagel and coffee?”  So he relents.  Then he calls back to ask what king of bagel I want.  Then he calls back to see how I want my coffee.  And I am the forgetful one….yeah right.

Oh, and in other news…I am now helping to plan the Annual Fireman’s Banquet.  I am kind of happy about it, being the little control freak that I am.  At least I know it will be done right……

  1. geminigirl64 says:

    Wow- your kids are already saying a few words? That is awesome! My girls are no where near that.

    Oh and I totally get the meltdown when he’s not there. Last week, when my husband returned to school I wa son baby duty alone until 8:15pm on wed. No instead of the girls going to sleep at their normal 6:30-7pm bedtime they went nuts until 8pm! I felt like I was losing my mind. They finally fell asleep at 8pm, and what do you know? 10 minutes later my husband strolls in to a quiet house. I have baby duty tonight again- and worried that of a repeat!

    Glad he slept throught the night- did you try the strategy I told you?

  2. Kirsten says:

    Dogs are the best for post-baby-meal cleanup!!! I’ll have to give stovetop a try – we are always looking for new things to feed the girls!

  3. Helene says:

    My kids love stovetop stuffing!! I use it all the time in casseroles! Yum!

    Sometimes sending my husband on an errand is worthless…he’s just like yours. He’ll call every 5 minutes asking questions, like “what else did you need me to get again, besides bananas?” then calls back “what color bananas do you want?”….are there any other color bananas besides yellow, I ask. Apparently there are green bananas so this has confused him. He had no idea green bananas meant they weren’t ripe yet. I wish I was joking about this but I’m afraid I’m not!

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