Stormy Saturday

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

So we are preparing for Tropical Storm Hanna.  The hubby came home last night and battened down the hatches.  We were supposed to go to a Scottish-Irish festival last night, but considering the twins, and the humidity and the 70% chance of rain, he decided that we should stay home.  Then, he told me I could go by myself and that he would stay home with the kids, like he does when I work.  Tons of guilt….so I stayed home.  It was bath night last night, and that is tough for one person to manage.

The kids were only up once in the night.  That is the usual anymore.  They get a little juice bottle and they are back out.  And amazingly, no exploding diapers last night.  Hmmm……coincidence?  I think not.

This morning, I am off to check out a location for the Fireman’s banquet.  It is a really nice golf/county club.  I was hoping to hear back from my friend, who normally will watch the kids in a pinch, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with her.  So, I guess the kids will get to see what the “rich folk do”.  I just hope the weather will hold long enough to check the place out and get the kids back home.  Even I, who isn’t intimidated by much, don’t think it is wise to have kids in a double stroller (that has been nothing but bad luck) in winds with gusts to 60 mph.  I can just see them rolling away across the ninth green.

We did pick a couple to adopt the embryos.  Things are progressing with their clinic being in contact with our clinic.  Hopefully they will have the embies in a few weeks so they can start to plan their FET.  I hope iwht all my heart that the FET works for them.  They seem like such a wonderful couple.

Did I mention that it is beyond humid here right now.  Having naturally curly hair, these day are pure hell.  I guess that I will be wearing it up today and kill the atmosphere with massive amounts of hair spray to try to kee the frizzies in check…

Poor Melissa had a horrible diaper rash and her first rugburns on her knees.  We have berber carpet and it can be kind of rough.  I wonder, do they sell little pink knee pads?  She continues to vocalize more and clap at everything.  She also does this cute thing where she had her arms up and elbows by her ears and tilts her head.  It is irresistable.

Daniel continues to think that the world is his jolly jumper.  That boy has springs for legs.  His favorite saying is “WOW” and “WHOA”.  He is my little crazy man.

Hoping that everyone has a safe weekend….

  1. Helene says:

    Have you checked for knee pads for Melissa? Seriously, they have everything known to man-kind for kids. I’d be really surprised if they don’t have something like that!!!!

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