Yes, it is 11:30 pm and yes, I am up

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Why am I up, you might ask?  Well, I did go to bed several hours ago.  I put the kids down at 7:30 and was in bed by 8.  Then, the hubby comes home (from being out having a few beers…) and comes upstairs to check on the kids.  Well, guess who woke up the kids?  So, we put the kids in bed with us.  They fussed for a while and finally passed out again.  We get up and put them back in their cribs.  Melissa starts to holler again.  So again, I get up.  Then, I get back in bed.  Guess who is snoring like a buzz saw?  Yeah…

So, I come down to sleep on the couch ( I am sure my back is going to love me for this move).  The kids start again, so I go back up stairs because there is a better chance of me waking up with my head stapled to the carpet then for the hubby to hear the kids.

I just made them bottles and came back down.  I popped my head outside to see how the weather was, since we had the most LAME tropical storm blow through… and it is beautiful out.  I mean STARS like you wouldn’t believe.  We are no worse for the wear…I mean we got rain, and it was a little breezy at times, but nothing like the news reporters were telling us.   Too bad.  Not that I want a major catastrophe, but this town could use a little excitement every now and again.  Like my life isn’t enough excitement.

So, I am going to try to get some sleep because “You Know Who” won’t be the one getting up at 6 am with the kids.  After all,  it is his “day off”.

  1. pillarr1 says:

    Don’t you just love being the one to ALWAYS get up. My husband is the same. I always get up. And, in the morning, he would not dream of getting up. I have been working on trying to get Rachel, my little 7 month old, to sleep until 8 am. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. A few weeks ago she started sleeping through the night. By that I mean, going to bed between 8 – 8:30 pm and getting up for the day between 7 am – 8 am. Most of the time she wakes up once between 4 – 6 am for a bottle, but sometimes she doesn’t. I hope your babies start sleeping through the night constantly. You feel like a new person when you get your required amount of sleep!!

  2. silver says:

    Yikes… wind and a double stroller! Hope the storm is past!

    Send me an email about the invites! I would love to! 🙂

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