Just another Manic Monday…I’m glad it’s not Sunday…

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

So we survived the storm, such as it was.  A little wind, a little rain.  No big deal.  I love the sensationalizing of the weather…..

So the kids were awful again last night.  But I have a secret…I made him (the hubby) get up with Daniel once.  I was awake…but had already gotten up at least three times.  And since the Hubby never got off the couch all day…and slept the night before…I figured it was his turn.  He only has a half day today but has to go to the dentist….(giggling to myself…he hates the dentist).  I got up, cleaned the kitchen, went grocery shopping, started laundry.  Okay, I did watch the Eagles kick the Ram’s butts up and down the field, but I am a huge football fan…and it is not like I was sitting at the bar watching the game.  Then I did laundry, all the while watching and playing with and feeding the kids.  He never moved once.  Melissa “helped” me with the laundry by pulling out items and throwing them on the floor. 

Both kids are starting to crawl.  Daniel gets on all fours and starts to rock.  He looks like he is humping…I know it is awful but it is funny.  Melissa chases the dogs and finds shoes to play with.  She loves shoes…like mother like daughter I guess.

They are both very interested in the cable box and dvd player.  If you tell Melissa “No” she gives you the saddest look…..

Anyway, today the laundry continues.  I couldn’t even get him to carry the clean stuff up from the basement.  The kids are being good today, so far.  The are in their booster seats right now after their lunch of rice cereal with yogurt and some pears.  They are playing together and “chatting”.  It is so cute I may throw up. 

I am not cooking tonight as Papa.John’s has an Eagles touchdown special (free topping for every touchdown) and we had a whole bunch of touchdowns…and I am feeling slightly lazy when it comes to cooking.

It is a beautiful day here today.  I may take the kids on a walk since the nice days around here will soon be turning into not so nice days.  It is September.  Who knows?  Maybe the hubby will even join us for once.

  1. pillarr1 says:

    That is so funny that you had hubby get up last night – I did the same thing to my husband. Although, he was up anyway at 5 am getting ready to go work out. Rachel was crying and I just turned the monitor off and stayed in the bed. When he saw that, he knew I was not about to get up so he went in her room to pick her up. She went back to sleep after about 5 minutes.

    What is with staying on the couch all DAY long? My husband did not move on Sat. while watching various college football games. It does not bother him that I am running around cooking, clean, doing laundry, taking care of the baby. Feeding her with my right hand and feeding myself with my left. And, he has the nerve to ask me to bring him something from the kitchen!! He is such a trip! Too funny. Sounds like the kids are doing quite well with the crawling. Keep the posts coming!

  2. silver says:

    Glad the storm wasn’t too bad! Hope your night time wakings come to an end soon! 🙂

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