Posted: November 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Things around here are very quiet, apart from the never-ending arguments between the hubby and I.  The weather is typical November, grey and wet.  All of the pretty leaves are off the trees and it is pretty depressing out. 

The kids are ok.  Melissa is still getting new “pox”.  Daniel has cut 2 new teeth on the bottom and now has 8.  Last night, they only woke up once (thank GOD).

I am tired, all the time.  I don’t know if it is the meds or if it is the depression, but I am wiped out by 7 pm.  I have been going to bed the same time as the kids.  Maybe it is because except for grocery shopping, I have essentially not left the house in a month.  I feel like I am an employee…and not getting paid overtime.  My life is all about feeding the kids, bathing the kids, playing with the kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry….no time, no anything for me.  Some days I don’t know who I am anymore.

  1. hajar says:

    Maybe you could try going to a gym that has daycare? It would be a chance for you to work out your stress for an hour or so each day. The YMCA in some places has affordable prices. That might be a place to start. Then there are also other gyms that have daycares. Just look around a bit. Maybe you could even put the kids in the stroller and walk in the mall with them during the winter months. If it was summer I’d suggest finding a local park with a walking track where you can take the kids for a really fast stroller ride so you could work off some steam. One more idea I have, is buy a beginning level yoga dvd and do yoga when the kids are napping. Most yoga videos last about 30-40 minutes. During the spring and early summer I used to walk in the park with my boys, until it got too hot. I missed out on the pretty fall weather because of my gall bladder surgery. But I’m trying to motivate myself to do yoga. There are even some yoga videos that you can practice with your kids, but I know you want and need to do something by yourself that is just for you. I have three different levels of yoga videos, but I need to start back with the lightest one.

  2. pillarr1 says:

    Exercise sounds like a great idea. I know the logistics of it are difficult – i.e., finding the energy, the time, dealing with the kids, the thought that you should sleep when they sleep (the list goes on) – but I really do think it will help. When I used to run, I felt so great. Since moving north from Florida, weather doesn’t permit year round running. So I started to feel like crap. And now, I am so tired from not sleeping that I can’t even think about it. Now it is getting colder and seems to be out of the question. But I know I have to do it. I think I will start tomorrow (Sunday) while my husband is home and just start doing it on the weekends. During the week it is dark when he gets home so I can’t run but I can do sit ups and stretches. This sounds so good. I’ll let you know how my run goes tomorrow……

    My point is, we all have to find the time to do what we know is best for us.

  3. hajar says:

    You go girl! Exercise is one of the best remedies for depression. I think that each of us has the potential to find ways to help ourselves better than any little pills can. Although there are times when the little pills may be appropriate for some people. Keep your chin up. Before you know it your precious little babies will be all grown up and you’ll miss the time when they were small and all you had to worry about was their meals, naps and baths.
    Big hugs to a sister TwinMama.

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