Well, I wouldn’t exactly call this weekend the pinnacle of excitement but these days, I will take dull over drama.

There is a very cool second-hand store in town and I managed to find a bathtub ring for the kids for a whopping $1.90.  We were hoping to get at least one for the kids birthday, but then were concerned that Daniel (Chunk-A-Monk) was too big for it.  Well, I cleaned it up and we tried Melissa in it first…..

tub ring

He seemed to enjoy himself well enough and that means that Mommy or Daddy don’t “have” to get in the tub anymore.  Keep in mind, sometimes, the best part of my day is the bath with the kids.  That means the hubby dries them up, gets them diapered, slathers them up with their eczema meds and puts them in their cribs.  I soak in the tub……It’s not really a fair trade off, but I do take the risk of being in a tub with a little boy who seems to think that peeing is an Olympic event.


She seemed to love it.  So then, we tried Daniel….

bathtub boy


I also have a couple of finicky eaters all of a sudden.  I am guess that since they have colds, they can’t really taste the food.  I mean, think about it, when you are all stuffed up, you can’t taste anything…..Well, that and the teething…..

So Melissa has entered the stage where she wants to feed herself.  By that I mean, she wants to grab the spoon or just knock it away just to make a mess…

Exhibit A:

messy eater

Exhibit B:

Oh…and she discovered that her finger fits nicely in her nose…

messy eater 2

Yeah, gross!  I know! But not my boy…….Ok…he does have a snotty nose but nothing like the mess his sister is…..

not so messy

And in some very sad news, we had to take Daniel’s jumpy-jump down.  All of his crazy antics actually started cracking the plaster in the doorway.  So, no more jumpy jump.  He was funny last night.  I was like he was going through withdrawal.  He was just bouncing and bouncing on his Daddy’s lap.

But in some great news….My girlfriend Angie and My neighbor, Steve got engaged on Saturday night.  I am over the moon happy for them.  Angie is Colin’s mommy and Colin is Melissa’s “boyfriend”.  They are both such great people and deserve all the happiness in the world.  I know Angie reads this blog from time to time…(Don’t be mad at me for posting your news…there were actually a few people on the planet that didn’t know he was going to pop the question!!!)

The hubby finally put up the Christmas lights outside.  That is going to be the extent of the decorating around here.  We aren’t going to be home for Christmas, we will be at my parent’s house.  They will have a tree.  I just can’t see putting up a bunch of stuff that the twins will just tear down…..  I hope that doesn’t make me a bad parent…….

  1. purple_plump says:

    so cute.i wish i could pull their cheeks!a digital hug from Nepal.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Love the finger-up-the-nose pic…priceless!!

  3. Amy says:

    your kids are so darn cute….trust me…i’m sure you have it just as hard as i do with 3 as with 2 the same age. i can’t imagine. it’s exhausting but don’t you just love getting those hugs and kisses?? wait until they can tell you they love you 🙂 have a great day…

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