Early Christmas Presents…A Red Letter Day…Finally!!!

Posted: December 16, 2008 in babies, blessed with twins, Christmas, cute twins, daniel and melissa, life with twins, twins
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So, yesterday, Melissa delighted us by taking 3 unassisted steps.  We are delighted.  Well, last night, right before we put the kids to bed, all 4 of us, and the 3 fur-babies, we all playing on the living room floor.  I guess Daniel didn’t feel like being out done.  So, he crawled over to the stairs…and started climbing them…12 of them….yeah!  Not just one or two….12 people.  I was cheering him on (probably not the best idea) and followed him up.   I carried him back down the stairs and he was ready for another go….

They are really growing up right before my eyes….

Last year, all I wanted for Christmas was for them to be off their apnea monitors…this year, they just melted my heart.  I don’t need a thing for Christmas….

I am attempting to write out Christmas cards…nothing like waiting for the last minute.  The kids just went up for a nap.  I am drinking a cup of coffee and at the moment, I am pretty damned content….


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