Wednesday Is Picture Day

Posted: December 17, 2008 in blessed with twins
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oh joy. this should be fun.

We had a nice bit of weather overnight.  There is just enough snow to cover the grass and a small coating of ice on the branches and power lines.  It is kind of pretty, but I am not looking forward to scarping the ice and snow off my car as I have absolutely no idea where the snow brush is.

Believe it or not, it is almost 7:30 am here and the kids are (shhhhhh….) still sleeping.  That means that I got to sleep in until 7 am.  Yipee!  Too bad the noise from the traffic woke me up or I would still be in la-la land.

So we have some adorable “Santa” outfits for the kids.  Now, if I can just manage to get them to the picture place without one or both of them getting a black eye, or a giant scratch across their face, it should be fine.  Maybe if I bubble wrap them….Not over their heads, of course, just over everything else.  The hubby has a nice new red shirt, I have a nice new red shirt, we will both wear jeans for the pictures.  I thought about doing the whole “khaki” thing but it seemed too much like a G.ap commercial.  We are also bringing jeans and red turtlenecks for the kids if we get brave enough for a wardrobe change…..

Despite writing out and mailing my Christmas cards, and the fact that we have lights on the house, I am just not feeling very “Christmas-y”.  I guess it is because we don’t have a tree up, I haven’t been to the mall, I haven’t gone shopping at all, heard almost no Christmas music anywhere…. Hopefully, when we get to my parent’s house, the Christmas spirit will kick in.

There is just so much to do when I get there.  And we have decided that we will travel on the 23rd and return on the 26th.  Any longer than that and the kids will probably revolt.  There isn’t a whole lot for them to do at Grandma and Grandpa’s house these days.

And for those who were a little thrown by my last post, it is more of a commentary on some of the small town (crap) drama that was/is happening IRL.  Some people just need to grow up.  They know who they are.  Enough said…

I just heard someone upstairs and I am betting it is Melissa (who I am calling Walkie).  Daniel we are now calling (Talkie).  Yup, it’s Melissa…and she is giggling.  Maybe today won’t be so bad after all….

Oh never mind, one of the dogs just threw up….  yeah, I knew it was too good to be true.


  1. Hajar says:

    Your new blog colors make me suspicious that your mood isn’t very cheerful. I bet if you turn the radio on you’ll find some great Christmas toons and your kids would probably think it was hilarious if you danced around and acted silly with them. I do that when mine are acting grumpy. I turn on some kind of music and dance around like a fool and make them laugh out loud. That makes me laugh too.

    Jingle Bells and Merry Santa Claus to you!
    Big holiday hugs…

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