Christmas Vacation

Posted: December 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Oh man, where do I even start to describe how crazy the last week has been.  And it has taken forever for me to even get a moment to sit down and try to write this post….

Let’s see…..last weekend….we had a lot of rain.  I was down in the basement, doing some laundry and I bumped our sump pump.  Well, when the morons came to install the new furnace in November, they broke the sump pump.  So when I bumped it, water came flying out about four feet in every direction.  This was not what I needed during my preparations for our trip.  I called the heating company and proceeded to tear the service manager a new one.  This is the same company that ruptured our water pipes and then sent us a bill for ($200) repairing the damage they caused.  The service manager wanted to stop by and see the damage.  The hubby decided that we would not go all weekend with a broken sump pump and went to home.depot and got a new one (to the tune of $140).  He replaced the pump and left a voice mail for the service manager telling him that he didn’t need to stop by because I had taken a ton of pictures and could email them.  But sure enough, Monday morning, didn’t the service manager stop by.  Yeah, me in my yoga pants, t shirt, unkempt to say the least….two screaming babies and this guy doesn’t check his voice mai…..


We loaded the car, we loaded the kids, we stopped at the bank to cash a check so we had some travelling money.  The hubby thinks that there are still places in PA without ATM’s or the ability to take credit cards…..

The guy at the bank noticed that the hubby’s driver’s license had expired.  GREAT!  FRIGGIN’ WONDERFUL!!!  So we drive out to the photo place and the hubby goes inside.  He is ready to just get his picture taken and grab his license and away we will go.  Yeah, well, that didn’t happen.  So that meant that I got to drive both ways to Mom and Dad’s place…..yea me!

The kids did pretty good in the car.  We did have to stop a couple times for diaper changes.  Daniel thought it was a great time to poop.  And then poop again.  So that was fun.  We pulled over on the turnpike and popped the kids in the front seat and changed them right there.  And it was chilly.  I felt bad for Daniel….his little boy junk….in the cold….on the side of the road…..oh the humiliation.


Honestly, it was kind of a blur…I know we ate…alot….I was the official referee between my mother and Aunt and at one point, threatened to leave because of all the bickering.  I helped count the kettles for the last time in my life (I have been counting Christmas kettles for 25 years).

Christmas morning was nice.  Mom made mush.  I love mush.  I put the finishing touches on my nice homemade stuffing…..(no mix this time).  The kids sort of behaved while we were there.  Sorta kinda.  The hubby was great.  He did his best to keep them entertained.  The kids weren’t interested in unwrapping anything, but really liked a few of their gifts….especially the Handy manny tool set.  They also got a huge Elmo and a little Elmo Up Up doll.

The turkey came out perfectly, nice and juicy….but the corn casserole didn’t make it… was liquid in the middle.  Oh well, no big loss.

We headed back home early Friday morning to meet my sister, BIL, niece and nephew who were on their way down to visit for the weekend from MA.  We made good time on the way home (probably because I was the one driving).  Got home, straightened up the house and waited for the 2nd half of our crazy Christmas.

My neice and nephew had a blast visiting with their cousins.  They haven’t seen the twins in a year and of course, it is like night and day….they have just changed in so many ways.

We played girls vs. boy pictionary man.  What a riot……..

On Sunday, we all went out for breakfast and my sister and her family headed home…

And then we exhaled…..

I promise I will post pictures soon.

It is my wish that everyone has a safe and happy holiday and new year.  And your support and friendship over the past few months have been a great gift to me.



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