How Do You Decide?

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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We have a small house.  It is 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.  Right now, the dining room is devoted to the kids.  It is where BABY JAIL is.  The kids have lots of toys.  I mean, I think it is a lot of toys because I am the one the has to pick them up constantly.  They got new toys for Christmas.  Bigger toys.  They have a toy box but everything doesn’t fit inside…not even close.

How do you decided when to, dare  I say it, get rid of some of their toys?  I mean, I still have their boppy pillows and bottle genies….I am way to sentimental to get rig of the bottle genies….those suckers should be bronzed!  They saved my life!

We all just have way too much “stuff”.  Redundant stuff.  For example, I have my Grandmother’s silver set.  I also have my own.  DO I really need both?  Am I ever going to hold a dinner party where I will need that many utensils?  In my tiny house?  Will I then have to apologise if some one ends up with a different pattern on his salad fork then his dessert spoon?  Good grief!!!

I have lots of clothes.  I am sending my remaining collection of maternity to stuff to a friend (who is frugal like me).  I try to clean out my closets when I do the summer to winter switch, but it still seems like I have sooooo much!  I guess I just get attached to it, and then it is hard to let go of.

My little snotty monsters are finally awake…8 am THANKYOUVERYMUCH!  This cold they picked up sucks.  Poor Daniel would rather let the snot and boogies accumulate on his face for days and then have it jack hammered off rather than having his little nose wiped….

Did I mention, I love bena.dryl?

  1. Kirsten says:

    We just did a major clean-out and it was tough. I, too, have been holding on to everything but I just got to the point where I was sick of it and needed it to go. I might have gone a little overboard even but I have to say it feels good to have a fresh start because we had even more stuff to replace the old. I gave my mom five trash bags full of baby clothes to take the resale shop so I’m hoping for a nice chunk of change from that. As for toys, I donated the ones in better shape to our daycare and will give the rest to goodwill.
    One of the most difficult things for me to toss was…bottles. It was just really a sign to me that the baby days were almost over. I kept two of the bottles we used from the NICU just for memory’s sake.
    I still have some things that I just couldn’t bear to part with yet JUST in case there is a #3 in the future for us…but I know at some point I’ll have to tear myself away from most everything baby : (
    Hope you are having a great ’09 so far!!!

  2. pillarr1 says:

    I have learned not to keep too much stuff. I have a Goodwill pickup this week and I am getting rid of more stuff. We move every couple of years so we always get rid of stuff then (love the Army for all the moves!) But, we seem to have a lot. I gave away 99% of my baby stuff. I keep a few things to put in Rachel’s time capsule. I have informed all relatives not to buy her anymore toys or clothes. If they want to give her things, give her savings bonds or money for her bank.

  3. Merideth says:

    I feel the same way — I have too much stuff. Or, more appropriately SB has way to much stuff. The man is a pack rat. We argued to 5 years over him having a storage unit — that he paid good money for (kill me now) which he never ever in those 5 years went to except once. I finally got him to bring everything home and now that we are knocked up he has been talking about a storage unit again. I’ll tell you what I did (miss frugal) bit the bullet and called the con.tainer store and got one of the hall closets tricked out and now it is his storage room. I told him he can pay me $60/month for the rental fee.
    Bottom line, is in a small space it is okay to have some stuff but it has to be organized and useful. Did your grandmother have another grandchild who might really find her silverware useful? If so, you could give it to him/her and it stays in the family. You could also put in the caveat that if they ever decide to get rid of it you get first right of refusal.
    good luck.

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