It was just the normal crazy

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You may recall that my parents will be retiring in a few months and recently purchased a house that needed some “fixing up”.  Well, that is kind of an understatement, the whole house needed to be rewired amongst other things.

So, despite the kids having gallons of snot dripping from their little noses, we bundled them up and took them over to the home.depot to pick out two new medicine cabinets, light bars, and a hall light.  By the time we got out of there, the kids were just going crazy and I realized that I hadn’t taken my meds.

So, I came home and the hubby went on to the new house.  I took the kids up and decided to lay them down for a while.  A while later, I started the bath and was getting ready to put Melissa in, when I see the hubby coming up the stairs.  So, I bathe Melissa.  I notice that she now has two bicuspids cutting through her gums….(explanation for her mood over the last few days).   No biggie.  Then I bathe Daniel. I notice that he has one bicuspid cutting through….and he is a little wus when it comes to pain….I mean, I love my son, buy the boy cries!!! Again, no biggie. 

My children look and smell significantly better than they did. 

I swear if it was up to them, they would just let the snot and boogers dry on their faces and have it jack-hammered off at a later date.  If they see a tissue coming, they immediately try to exit the premises in six different directions all at the same time.  We have lunch.  We play.  I decide to run to the grocery store (bad idea…on a Sunday, when the Eagles are in the playoffs).

The hubby puts the kids up for a nap.  He doesn’t put pants on the boy.  Hahahahahahahaha!  This is a lesson I learned several weeks ago.  My kids know how to take off their diapers…….

I am in the kitchen, vacu-sealing my little heart out and I hear the hubby asking for help.  Yes, the boy, yes, the diaper not on him, and yes, he pooped.  So, yes, he got another bath.  What a day!  I gathered up all the poopy laundry and off I went, leaving the hubby to deal with the brown baby.

It was just a normal day around here.

Oh, and the Eagles won last night.  And I discovered that if you mix vodka, orange juice and sierra mist together, it is REALLY good.

  1. pillarr1 says:

    Go Eagles! I was sad about the Colts though.

  2. jill m says:

    Now why would you go and make a perfectly good drink … healthy? Thats just silly!!! There is no need for OJ…. vodka and a splash of sierra mist.


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