The Calm Before the Storm

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So it is 5:55 am on Saturday morning and we are supposed to finally be getting a winter storm today.  The hubby is already at work and the kids and thankfully, the dogs are still sleeping.  This is the first time in a long time that the only sound I hear is the heater running and the occasional car driving by (I am sure carrying someone to the grocery store to stock up on milk and bread because everyone from around here absolutely freaks out whenever there is any kind of frozen precipitation falling from the sky).  Me and the hubby, on the other hand are from Buffalo NY and Fargo ND.  Snow is just a temporary inconvenience and something that makes the evening news very entertaining.  I would like to get enough so that I can put the kids in their snowsuits and see what they do in the backyard…..probably scream, demand to go back inside, and then hold a grudge against me the rest of the day.

In other news, we found a baby sitter for “date night”.  When the hubby and I read her profile, we immediately agreed she sounded perfect.   That never happens.  She called the other night and is going to stop over on Tuesday to meet the kids.  It is only a temp job since my parents will be here by April.  But still, just think, we could go to a movie, or out to dinner how many times before April rolls around.

I also sent the hubby up to the firehouse last night.  We had been invited up and could bring the kids and the walker.  My friend, K was going to bring an extra walker so the kids could really tucker themselves out.  When K went into work, she forgot the walker.  She called here and the hubby answered.  She said that she could send someone to get the other walker if we still wanted to come up.  He said that it wasn’t necessary but one of us would be up to drop off the paperwork that K needed.  I don’t know if it is real or imagined, but I actually startedto get a little panicked thinking about being out in public.  Has my husband turned me into a hermit?  I just had this feeling that if I went up there, he would get pissy and I would be out of my comfort zone.  God forbid I talk to any males while up there, let alone have a beer.

I needed him to drop some things off up there and finally told him to stay and have a couple of beers.  So, he did.  With my friends.  Who bought him beers.  But he is convinced that no one likes him.  Oh, and that everyone is trying to sleep with me.  Here I am, couped up with the kids all day, with the notable exception of going to the grocery store yesterday, and he gets to go out.  By the time he got home, I was ready for bed.  He swears he had two beers but seemed more “buzzed” than that to me.  So I was a little pissy.  What is wrong with that?  I  mean, do we really need a DUI?  Everything he said and did last night was just irritating.  Then, he comes up to bed and snores like a buzz-saw.  So I plop on the ipod, listen to my relaxation music (loudly) and try to get some sleep.  Yeah well, that didn’t work out too well.

So here I am, wanting desperately for the new coffeemaker that my mother bought for me to arrive.  I have been using an $8 coffee maker from wal.mart for a year now.  It has no bells.  It has no whistles.  It just makes coffee.  I want my new, 8 cup, thermal carafe, with the auto start and auto shut off here now!!!


I feel like the weeks are just rushing by.  I feel like I don’t really have much to look forward to (well, maybe date night, but I am sure we will end up fighting).

I need a nanny, a maid, an unlimited supply of sushi and diet coke, a massage, a shopping trip just for me, the teething to be over with, a hubby who once in a while tried to understand that what I do is WORK too, oh…and I want it to snow…a lot…so I can be a kid for 2 minutes and make a snow angel.

  1. Helene says:

    So glad you found a babysitter that you think will work out!!!

    I just tagged you on a meme on my blog and I totally forgot that you had just done this same meme from being tagged by Hajar!

  2. Hajar says:

    A snow angel sounds like so much fun. I hope you get your wish.

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