Snowstorm: yeah, whatever…the whole inch of snow that we got…..blah….sometimes I miss theSnowbelt….

So, yesterday was Mom Appreciation Day.  The hubby got up with the kids, who woke up around 6:30 am.  He cleaned the kitchen, fed the kids, straightened up the nursery and made me breakfast (egg white omelette with baby spinach and roma tomatoes and a slice of mozzarella cheese).

Then he decided to get started on the mile long “Honey Do” list.  A few months ago, we had a leak in the back hallway and it had to be patched and drywalled.  Well, I bought paint 6 weeks ago and just never got around to painting it.  So, while he painted, I played with the kids and did some laundry.  The kids were entertaining themselves so I headed upstairs to clean the bathroom.  I ended up spending 2+ hours scrubbing the grout.  Just about the most relaxing thing I could think of doing on Mom Appreciation Day…NOT.

But alas, all was not lost.  My AMAZING PHILADELPHIA EAGLES won the  Divisional Championship.  I am still shaking my head because if you had told me a month ago that we had any kind of a chance to go to the bvSuperbowl, I would have  probably smacked you.  I did wear green every day last week.  I know most moms aren’t into football, but I LOVE IT.  I always have and I always will.  The hubby has never been into sports, so he becomes the football widower.

This week is going to be a little crazy for us.  Today is the dull day.  Tomorrow, the new babysitter that we found is coming over to meet the kids, then at 5, the kids are getting their first haircuts.  Daniel has a patch on the crown of his head that is really long.  It never rubbed off because of his plagiocephaly (flat head).  Now it is just one big mass of curls.  Melissa is just getting a trim so her bangs don’t fall into her eyes.  Tomorrow, my father is flying my grandmother across the country to visit with our family in Oregon.  He will fly her out, then turn around and get back on the plane and fly back east.  Coast to coast to coast in 24 hours.  Grandma will be in Oregon for 42 days.  Then Dad will do the same thing, fly out, get her, and fly back.  I guess that is how it works when you are 94 years old.

Wednesday, the hubby is having gum surgery.  That should be fun, I am sure.  He will be useless for at least 48 hours hopped up on pain killers.

Thursday, we are meeting the bathroom and kitchen re-modeler at my parent’s new house.

Friday, it is only going to be like 18 degrees out and we are not going anywhere.

So, the fun continues…..

How was your weekend?

  1. Merideth says:

    I didn’t know you were a football fan. I am too — HUGE FAN!!! (SB is not so I’m the Sunday on the sofa football watcher for our family). Of course, I have a sad sad story as I am a Jets fan. Tres Tragic of course. I don’t have any excuse except I always love an underdog. I’m so happy for the Eagles. Congrats.

  2. pillarr1 says:

    Go Eagles!! I am so proud of them. I hope they win the Superbowl. Let us know how the babysitter goes. I am thinking of doing the same thing.

  3. Helene says:

    Wow, hubby is stepping up, isn’t he? I’m glad he’s showing so much appreciation for you! The egg-white omelet sounds yummy. My husband can’t even boil water so I’m not holding my breath that I’ll ever get served a yummy breakfast like that!

    I hope all works out with the new babysitter!

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