Bah Humbug….

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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My Eagles lost.  Bah!  We were so close!  How cool would it have been to have the Phillies win the World Series AND have the Eagles win the Super Bowl?  But, alas, it was not in the cards……

It is snowing out.  We now have about an inch of snow.  This is more than the wonderful meteorolgists warned us about with our “winder storm”.  What a crock!  It is pretty, fluffy, snow globe snow, as my mother puts it. 

the view from my front porch

the view from my front porch

The kids are doing fine.  They didn’t sleep very well last night and were up at 5:15 am, but we are getting through it.  I am sure it is just more teething……..

Meredith over at Knock Me Up asked kind of a neat question:

Okay, I had my 18 mo old nephew staying over for the past two days.  It was freezing outside so no going out to play.  How do you do it with 2 little ones when it’s freezing outside?  What do they do all day?  I nearly went insane (not really as I love him to bits) and the poor little guy was bored bored bored.   TV was definitely our friend but I hated to just give him TV all day all the time.

Ok….we don’t get out much.  Unless you count those times when I am feeling extra brave and decide to do the grocery shopping thing or the wal.mart thing.   The kids like to play in their baby jail.  We rotate toys.  We rotate bodies (when the hubby is home).  They also have baby walkers.  I just bought a second one as if we put Daniel in the walker, Melissa had a fit and vice versa.  So, I bought a second one.  I paid way too much for it…but the peace was worth it.

I try to keep them entertained.   Somedays, they really get into Sesame.Street, other days, they have no interest in TV at all.  It is hard to get much housekeeping done, or anything done for that matter, if they are having a fussy day (like today).  They play with the doggies.  We have snacks.  They spend time in their cribs “talking” to each other and plotting against me.  I cannot wait for spring and the freedom of having them explore the backyard.  This will mean that the hubby’s daily job will be poop patrol.  Right now, one day is exactly the same as the one before and it does get monotonous.

But today, we had a couple of surprises, too.  Melissa knows where her nose is.  She will point to it if you ask her where it is.  And, Daniel, well, Daniel likes the wheel on the Price.Is.Right.  That is the funniest thing since when I was little, I used to make my Mom and Dad say “Kari ********, Come On Down!” and I would come out from my hiding place behind our big, black leather recliner.  I guess there is no doubt that he is my kid…..

Daniel can pretty much walk across the living room.  He does sort of a half walk and half run, but there is no doubt that he enjoys “walking” to crawling.  Melissa is catching on, but sometimes is a little lazy.  I guess there is no doubt that she is my kid, too……………

I am in the process of “importing” all of the blogs that I read in to my new laptop so please forgive me if I don’t comment immediately.  I am still figuring out a lot of stuff on Windows.Vista.  I will catch up, I promise!!!

  1. Soralis says:

    Good luck with your snow day! Lucky for me my kiddos love to play in the house too!

  2. Hajar says:

    The snow is really pretty.

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