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Not the best night around here.  Daniel is working on 3 molars and is not a happy camper……
Well, after much screaming, yelling, name calling and the like, we finally went over and got our gym memberships yesterday. He (hubby) was off and was in a really cranky mood…..I got up and took Sasha over to Banfield (our vet and the hospital I used to run) and got back and he was already yelling at the kids.  I keep on trying to remind him that they only understand the tone of voice.  He says they are never too young to start learning discipline.  I was really tempted to haul off and smack him.  You don’t yell at babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He also is dragging his feet about putting the new  play den (baby jail) up that my parents got for us.  It is metal instead of plastic.  He thinks it is going to be too small.  He is just lazy sometimes.  I don’t care if they have less room.  I just can’t have them moving the jail from room to room at will which, at the present, they can. 
We didn’t go to the mid-winter breakfast at the firehouse this morning  as planned because I really didn’t feel like putting up with his attitude.  I got up with the kids at 7:30, brought them down, fed them and then he came down, made a huge mess in the kitchen (for me to clean up, of course) and was out the door to go to mom and dad’s house to measure stuff or something or other.  I am actually glad he is out of the house…it is a change from the normal Sunday routine of “something hurts” or “I’m tired” or “I just don’t feel like doing anything but laying on the couch and growling that there is nothing to watch on tv”.
The kids are down for a nap and I have a quiet moment that I might try to sneak a short nap into. 
I guess I will cheer for the Steelers……although I really don’t care who wins……..
Tomorrow I will be posting about that lunatic in California with the octuplets……….
  1. Soralis says:

    Molars.. YUCK!

    I think some men have difficulty dealing with young children. Hopefully it will get better as they get older. Hugs

    As for the octuplets… I am speechless on that whole thing!

  2. Helene says:

    My husband is the same way with our kids. He gets easily frustrated with them and starts yelling at them. Although I do yell at them from time to time but I think when he yells, it really scares them b/c his voice is booming and he’s much bigger than they are. It would scare the heck out of me too!

    Molars are tough! Hope they come in quickly!!

  3. Mary says:

    Hey Kari!! Can you email me the password for you protected post (if you feel its okay for me to have it, no worries if its not). Miss you!

    And I totally livid about the octuplets, there is more to the story that we don’t know b/c I’m sure NO respectable RE would have transferred 8 embies.

  4. Jana Green says:

    It sounds like our husbands are kindred spirits. I don’t know how old your kids are, but my husband says the sam thing about not being too early for discipline, and we have an 11-month-old.

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