So they kids had their 15 month check up (and yes, I am aware that they are 16 months old).  They got two shots and were little champs about it.  They walked all over the office and at the end, Melissa took my hand and walked out and Daniel took the hubby’s hand and did the same thing.  I think they were showing off….just a little.

So, brace yourselves….I have their stats!!!

Daniel…my little tiny man…who weighed a mere 4.2lbs when he came home from the NICU….

Weight:     29lbs 6oz  (92nd percentile)    Height: 33 inches (90th percentile)

Melissa…my little mouse….who was always just a little bigger than her brother….

Weight: 26 lbs 13oz (90th percentile)      Height: 34 inches (greater than the 97th percentile)

Yeah, so we grow them big here in the Philly suburbs.

Daniel does have to go and get some more blood drawn to rule out food allergies…(gee wouldn’t it have been nice if the pediatrician told me there was a blood test available….I cancelled the allergist appointment anyway….) and she also gave him some new antihistamines and cream from crotch rot…and the office visit was F R E E!  Yes, I love the new insurance that the kids have……so worth $80 per month!!!!

I have heard that if you measure a little girl’s height when she is two, and then double it, it will give you an estimate of how tall she will be full grown……yeah…..she’s almost 3 feet tall now……looks like she and I need to sit down and start discussing basketball…….

Oh….and they both slept the ENTIRE night…no middle of the night bottle.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  And it is going to be 60 here today….so guess who is loading up her giant children and getting the heck out of the house today!


(sorry….I am a little excited)

Mama = having a good day for once!  Yippee for Me!

  1. Hajar says:

    I’m glad to hear you are having a good day. Enjoy the sunshine!

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