This is not me....

This is not me....

Nope…not a chance…..first of all, I didn’t wake up until 7:30 when the hubby called to make sure that I was up.  The kids were up…babbling, cooing, giggling, jumping up and down in their cribs, running back and forth in their cribs, planning on overthrowing the current regime.

I figured that cheereos and yogurt was getting a little old.  So, WAFFLES.  What the heck?

more my speed

more my speed

yup, popped them in to the handy dandy microwave that toasts (it’s soooo cool).  The kids loved them and it was about all I could manage to do before having my coffee.

(BREIF ASIDE)……Terrell Owens (former Philadelphia Eagle and dare I say, one of the most hated men in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, is now a former “Dallas Cowboy”!  ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!   I hate this guy with a burning white hot passion.  I mean, if I have to be miserable about the Eagles releasing Brian Dawkins (the heart and soul of the team), I should at least be able to celebrate the demise of this waste of flesh (TO)

There….I said it….I won’t talk about football anymore.  This is a blog about life with TWINS, Damn it!  Get back on topic!

So as it turned out, the kids were complete monsters yesterday afternoon.  Melissa had SEVERAL full-on tantrums.  I mean, throw herself on the floor, screaming, kicking, punching tantrums….and for no good reason.  Oh the drama…….By the time that the hubby got home (after he stopped to get his haircut…of all the days….sheesh) they were both nuts.  We ended up trying something new to distract / entertain them.  Melissa got to sit in an empty box and Daniel got to sit in an empty laundry basket and the hubby sat on the floor dragging them around.  It was an early night for the kids…and for me….considering they kicked my butt yesterday.

Today has to be better…..  it just has to be…..

My mother had an endoscopy done yesterday and is recovering nicely.  I will feel so much better when they are closer, particularly when it comes to medical procedures.

So, it is a  little warmer….maybe we will venture out…….

  1. Mary says:

    Waffles are a favorite around here too, especially the blueberry ones. I usually put peanut butter on ’em so they are gettting some protien and call it breakfast!!

  2. Hajar says:

    My one baby already knows how to pitch a tantrum. I think it’s kind of funny and a little cute that he already has strong opinions.

  3. pillarr1 says:

    I can’t stand TO either. He has a BIG MOUTH! He would be an excellent player if he would just keep his big mouth shut and play the game!

    Waffles huh? I never thought about it but I will try it on Saturday. The temper tantrums are the true test of motherhood…..

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