and Am taking the kids to the gym with me this morning for the first time.  Hopefully (please keep fingers crossed) they will behave and not scream the entire time or bite other children that may be there.  Realistically, I am expecting to bring home kids covered in germs that will probably be sick all weekend. 

My girlfriend, J, joined the gym, so I will have a workout buddy… I just need to convince STBMR (A) to join too.  We could have such a blast.  I don’t know how many calories laughing burns, but we will walk out minus our butts, I’m sure.

And tonight….it’s yoga……yipee!  I do so love my yoga class….and it is not just because I am as flexible as the yogi, or that I am the youngest person in the class, it is just REALLLLLY relaxing.

Have to pack up the monsters and then we will be off……..

  1. Amy says:

    i hope your kiddies stay healthy. i don’t even take mine to the ymca kid’s corner anymore b/c they got sick all the time! it’s great you have a workout buddy ~ that will keep you motivated. i am reminded of one of my favorite workout quotes: if you ain’t pushing your butt down to the floor now, it’s going to be draggin there later.

    enjoy yoga! i love the relaxation, too. have you tried pilates yet?

  2. Hajar says:

    Good luck with taking the kids to the gym! Have fun.

  3. Soralis says:

    Definitely brave! Hope it went well!

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