if you are a real glutton for punishment: click here…..

Oh my GOD!

I took the day off from going to the gym today and decided that I would do this instead…..yeah….how dumb am I?

The kids are cutting their canine teeth, so we have had alternating nights of sleepless screaming babies.  Much fun.  Melissa’s butt looks like a baboon.

But I just got wonderful news……

MY PARENTS WILL BE HERE (FOR GOOD) IN 15 SHORT DAYS!  WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weather here is crappy but at least it is warm….well, warm for March anyway….

Sorry this post isn’t more interesting, but it has been kind of quiet.  Well, except for my husband’s plant catching fire last night….no big deal, no one hurt, no real damage……but that really doesn’t have anything to do with me….

I promise, I will come up with a more interesting post tomorrow…..

  1. Hajar says:

    I hope the babies feel better soon!

  2. cat says:

    Also cutting canine teeth around here. 2 done and 2 to go. I use pure lanolin like Lansinoh for nappy rash – works like a charm.

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