Has anyone heard about any kind of correlation between prematurity and allergies? 

I just got a call from our pediatrician regarding Daniel’s allergy testing.   After a lot of thought, we decided to just run a food allergy panel rather than doing the skin testing torture.  Well, he showed a positive allergy for egg whites (which are in just about everything), an allergy to peanuts (oh great….no candy bars, no uncrustables, no good ice cream…and I am the biggest fan of peanut butter in the world), and dog dander (and yes…we have 3 fur babies!).

So, it is off to the pediatric allergist, who I am sure is not going to make me feel any better about all of this.  I think most allergist are full of it.  I got tested when I was a teenager and I am supposedly allergic to E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!! (Dogs, cats, milk, orange juice, grass, trees, water, air…..blah-de-blah-de-friggin bah!)  I have no symptoms….ever.  I occasionally get bronchitis….like once a year…maybe….

I am just so not looking forward to being “that mom”, running around reading every label, epi-pen in hand, just waiting for something bad to happen to Daniel.  Or even worse, the thought of having to…I can’t even type it…not have our dogs anymore…..I feel like I have been kicked in the chest.  This just really sucks. 

So I have to call to make the dreaded appointment where they will torture my precious little man. 

Give me strength!!!

  1. lifeineden says:

    I know your little man is littler than mine was at the time of testing — but it really isn’t too bad. The initial pricks are really just scratches with a plastic tipped thing. Only equivocal tests have to be done with an intradermal needle. It is a long morning, but you can do it. Bring treats for after (I don’t think you can eat during), and promises of rewards.

    The Snake is allergic to dogs, but we still have ours and our allergist did not try to convince us to get rid of her. If he has multiple allergens and you can minimize the others it will really help. Turns out we have dust mite allergy and getting those expensive bed covers really made a difference in his eczema.

    Anyway, it can actually help to know. And the EpiPen thing isn’t too bad either (we have peanut too, but not extreme). Email me if you want more info or stuff! Good luck!

  2. cat says:

    Oh gosh Kari – we will cry together about the allergy tests. Little man C’s whole blood test paeditric profile showed no positives. And his IGE count is 58!

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