Things that have happened today…

Posted: March 24, 2009 in blessed with twins, daniel and melissa, Life, life with twins
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1) Daniel woke up with the “squirts” again, but there were also raisins in there, so that was kinda funny.

2) Daniel ate dog food.  Our dogs take a mouthful of food and walk in the dining room to eat it. What can I say…I have very cultured fur babies. Daniel shares his animal crackers, so one of the dogs shared their kibble.  It is pretty safe to say that the dogs enjoy their side of the trade more-so than Daniel.

3) I went to the gym!  Wahoo!  Finally feeling like I am not a slacker….

4) Took hubby his lunch…he goes to the dentist to complete the last of the $8K work tonight.  He won’t be home until after the kids are in bed.

5) I went to walmart.  I finally got some mum-mums….they are always out of stock.

6) A fat, stringy haired bitch lady backed her PT cruiser into my car.  Thanks…

7) I talked to 2 insurance companies, walmart, and the police….who I should have called in the first place.

8) Melissa ate dog food.  She didn’t like it either.

9) The movers are at my parents house.  My parents will be arriving tomorrow night.  WAHOO-FRIGGIN-YIPPEE!

10) I am wiped. 

And I get to bathe the kids tonight…..solo….so that should be fun……

Guinness….take me away…..

  1. bee says:

    I laughed out loud at Guiness take me away! Too funny.

    Oh and so funny, I know a woman who works at Cooper! She told me to go there and I said if I have a problem with Northern Fertility I would go there. Small world; )

  2. Helene says:

    Is it sick that I’m still totally giggling about the poop with raisins in it? Is it sick that everytime my kids eat corn they’re excited about what their poop will look like in exactly 24 hours from then?

    Hmmmm, I sense another list coming on my blog….you are my inspiration. Don’t ya love it??

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