And This Is What Happened Today

Posted: March 25, 2009 in car accident, frustration, happy, Life, life with twins, parents, rant

1) I paid Mom and Dad’s contractor.  Done.

2) I went to the gym.  Had a great workout.

3) Drove to the new house to take hubby something to eat.

4) Saw house and realized that hubby would be there all day.

5) Spoke to Mom and Dad as they were getting on the road, driving east, across the state of Pennsylvania.

6) Took a bath when the kids were “napping”*

7) *Kids did not nap, but Daniel did remove his diaper and peed all over his crib.

8) Took laundry to basement to discover that an entire bottle of tide had tipped over into a basket of clean, dry, folded clothing.  Decided that washing stinky sheets and blankets way more important than trying to rescue my clothes.  Daniel needs something to keep warm tonight, and I can always use an excuse to buy new clothes….(or new to me…since I am the queen of thrift, second hand, and consignment).

9) Got “deposed” by the  insurance company of the (long,stringy blond haired, sweat pant wearing, trailer trash…and yes, she lives in a trailer)woman who backed her car into mine at the wal.mart yesterday.  Her version of what happened is ever so different than mine.  I told her insurance company’s adjusted that she was telling a bold-faced lie.  So next week, a field adjuster will come out sometime next week to look at the damage she did to my car.  That should be fun considering that we have an allergy appointment for Daniel and I have a mammogram appointment.  You know they will show up at the worst time.

10) My parents are finally going to be close to me.  Close to my babies.  I am very happy.

  1. YAY for your parents being closer to you and having a great workout. Boo for dirty sheets and laundry.

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