Spaghetti served with crayfish
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Okay…so I was going to make spaghetti for supper last night…..well, I did end up making spaghetti, but not with the box of pasta that I thought I was going to.

My parents gave us a box of food that was all the stuff that they brought along but couldn’t fit into their new cupboards.  Well, there was a box of semolina pasta from North Dakota.  I thought, since the hubby is from North Dakota, and the news has been covering the flooding of the red river in Fargo, that I would make North Dakota spaghetti.  For whatever reason, I looked at the best if used by date on the end of the box.  It said 2007.  Yeah…so I decided that cooking that might not be the best idea.  So back to the cupboard. I grabbed a box of San Giorgio Angel Hair pasta, I had just bought it a couple of weeks ago.  The best if used by date was 2011.  I figured that I was safe.  Well, you know the little cellophane windows that actually show you the pasta…there were meal worms crawling around inside the sealed box.

Nasty San Giogio Angel Hair Pasta with Mealworms!!!


Creepy crawlies in my pasta.  EWWWWWWWWWW! Can you say “Yuck”?  Can you say “Grossed Out”?

Luckily I had another box of pasta, another brand of pasta, and so cooked that. 

And the kids enjoyed it..

good stuffgood stuffFun Food!Am I doing it right?

This was their first spaghetti supper….I just hope that I will forget the preparation of it in time.  I did call the 800 number on the package to complain.  They called it “infestation”.  They are sending me coupons.  Yeah, I will get right on that….buying more buggy pasta.

It is windy like the dickens out today.  The hubby is off doing a hazardous waste collection day in Reading PA.  Dad is off to New Jersey for the day, Mom is unpacking, and I am home with the kids….who didn’t sleep well last night…AGAIN!

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  1. EEEEE-EWE! creepy-crawlies in your pasta! That’s one thing you don’t expect to find creepy-crawlies in. Flour, corn meal, whole grains…but not pasta!

  2. Mary says:


    And what fun is giving toddlers spagetti without the messy red sauce 😉 Glad they liked it!!

  3. EEWWW is RIGHT! Glad you looked before cooking. Messy spaghetti faces are my favorite pictures! they are so cute. Hope it wasn’t TOO much of a pain to clean them up.

  4. pillarr1 says:

    OK, that is super nasty! I always wonder if everything else is OK in the pantry. That happened to me with bread crumbs that I actually needed for my chicken parmigan. I ended up using crackers instead. Does infestation mean that the bugs got in there at their packaging plant? That is just creepy.

  5. Amy Warden says:

    That picture just made the hairs stand up on the back of my head. And they aren’t going down. Let me just shiver for a moment. Bleh!

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