So much for a nice family Easter.  My sister, BIL, niece and nephew are not going to come down for Easter. My niece has a stomach bug, my nephew has strep.  Maybe it is all for the better……

Still, it would have been nice.

And I guess there will be a lot of ham in our future.  Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with the kids (and by the way, they were *PERFECT* in the double cart that has the little steering wheels.) and Mom had asked me to buy a bigger ham.  She had a 3.5 lb ham and didn’t think it was going to be big enough….so I got an 8 lb ham.  So now….11.5 lbs of ham later… will just be the 4 of us and the 3 of them (Mom, Dad and Grandma).

And….Dad has to cover for the minister for services on Sunday.  So he has to do a sunrise service and then a regular service.  The regular minister had a family emergency.  So, it is further evidence that God puts you where you are supposed to be.  I love my Dad…I am not, however, the biggest fan of his long-winded sermons.  Maybe it was because I was the subject of too many of them….(what not to do!)

In other news….we kind of tried the CIOmethod on Daniel last night.  He woke up and wanted to be picked up.  Ijust rubbed his back, he screamed and cried….nothing wrong….just wanted to be picked up and put in bed with us.  So, we let him “Cry It Out”.  He cried for about 20 minutes…I am not sure….I went back to sleep.  He is pretty tired this morning and is being a little fussy…so I will wait until tonight to go to the gym.

The hubby also cut the grass for the first time yesterday when he got home from work.  He always uses the blower at the end to clean up.  Well, I had put the 3 containers of vegetable seedlings out since it was warm and sunny.  Somehow….one container got flipped over, and somehow, the offending party tried cover the fact that the container had been flipped over by putting the spilled seedlings in the wrong spots……..hmmmmm… do you suppose that happened?  I am not accusing my hubby…..but it is an odd coincidence…..being that he had a blower AND was in the vicinity of the incident….. 


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