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So we survived 18 months…..

We didn’t end up doing dinner with Mom and Dad since the kids ended up getting 3 shots at the pediatrician.  Daniel is 30 lbs and Melissa is 27 lbs.  Melissa is 34 1/4″ and Daniel is 34 1/2″ tall.  Melissa is maintaining her 97th + percentile for her height.  What can I say….maybe she will get a basketball scholarship.

Today, I am going to venture to home depot to buy wood for the front garden. We bought a red hydrangea and blue Nikko hydrangeaplants and are giving up on our sickly roses in the front yard.  So, I will drop the kids off with Mom, borrow Dad and off to home depot I will go.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and I really can hardly wait to get the kids out to the park or at least for a nice long walk.  And my sister will be here this weekend…yee ha!

It was a rough night for Melissa overnight.  I think her teethwere really bugging her, so (bad mommy), I brought her in bed with us.  She was really restless and so I am a little tired this morning.  Thank God for good coffee.  I really can’t wait for the teething to be done…..really….enough already!



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  1. faith says:

    Wow your kids are tall! …and I thought my Matthew was tall at 33 1/2 inches. Seems like we were posting about our twins 6 month check-up just yesterday. Have a great weekend!

  2. pillarr1 says:

    I hear you on the teething girl! Last night Rachel refused to go to bed until 10 pm. She was so hyped I thought she was going to fly through the roof. She had an albuteral breathing treatment so that may have been the cause. I am so glad they are growing like crazy and more importantly – healthy.

  3. Amy Warden says:

    My 2-year-old twin nephews just had their check-up. They are 5 pounds different!!! I’m looking forward to nicer weather too – hope you have a great weekend!

  4. It’s always nice to spend time with a sister, isn’t it?

    I wonder who decided that we are “bad mommys” when we let our kids sleep next to us? You are the Mom, and you did what was right for you and your child in your situation. The day a mother can’t comfort her child by letting him or her sleep next to her! Mine sleep with me every night since they were born. At first because I was too sick to get out of bed every two hours, and after that I just let them sleep with me because I enjoyed the opportunity to bond with them. When they wake up, I’m right beside them, to chase away the memories of bad dreams, or to hold them when they have ear aches or teething pain… I love it. If that makes me a “bad Mommy,” I guess I’ll just have to live with my “bad” choices. I fail to see what is so bad about it?

  5. Helene says:

    Awwww, those darn teeth!!! Won’t you be so relieved for the babies when that’s over with??!! One of my 2 yr olds is getting his 2-yr molars and he’s pretty uncomfortable.

    How’s your veggie garden coming along? I replanted all our seeds and we finally have 2 green bean seedlings popping up out of the ground. The kids were so excited!

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